About Om & Bass

When I (Rach…the sparkly unicorn) started Om & Bass back in 2013 there weren’t ‘wellbeing’ festivals.

There were only let’s-damage-our-liver festivals. I was doing yoga retreats and thinking how expensive they were – only a few people can go on them.

I really love festivals and just had one of those eureka moments: ‘I could have a yoga festival where people can choose their classes, do what they like when they like, and camp over.’

For the first one 100 people came, the next one 250, then 500, now we’re at over 1,000. The community continues to grow and get more diverse every time – we’ve got a huge LGBTQ+ crowd, and loads of different ages, races and backgrounds come every year because of how diverse we’ve made our line up.

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Meet The Team

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Rach Cox

Kwali Kumara

Dirish Shaktidas

Mitesh Joshi

Isa Hof

Laura Hof

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