Om and Bass Festival 2024

*Fundraiser Event for Yoga Stops Traffick*

What you need to know 👇

Friday September 13th – Sunday September 15th 2024





CLICK HERE FOR OUR PREVIOUS FESTIVAL LINE UP, as an example of what to expect for 2024 (which is set to be even bigger and better!)

We offer FREE passes for carers attending in support of someone who is differently abled and requires assistance to have THE BEST TIME EVER. Send us an email to self identify as someone who requires a little help due to age, mobility, neuro diversity etc, and we will sort you out!

Accessible Glamping is now available with charging points for electric chairs, an electric bed, hoist, commode, space for a personal assistant and friends and family either in the teepee or camping next to it: behold “AccessiBelle”

Book Accessible Glamping

Watch this short video of the accessible glamping

September 13th – 15th at Braziers Park, Oxfordshire

3 days and 2 nights of pure connection, awesomeness, fun and ZERO PRETENTIOUSNESS.

Spiritual Snobbery is illegal on our site: zero tolerance on Medicine & Yoga W*nkers. Be nice. The End.

150 free workshops, free for kids, free passes for carers (see above), free camping, free parking, fully accessible, neuro-divergent inclusive.

Zero Waste Site, Zero Single Use Plastic, Cruelty Free Stalls & Food, Drug & Medicine Free (same thing), Supporting #EndHumanTrafficking


The Enchanted Forest Live Music Stage will be popping on Saturday and Sunday #Yippeee

The Magical Mansion Space inside Braziers Park Manor House will be offering bespoke and specialist pre-booked ceremonies, talks and workshops such as Serpent Healing, Talks with Best Selling Authors & Book Signings , Organic Face & Body Making and more.

Included in your ticket: over 150 expert led workshops including yoga, dance martial arts, gong baths, sound journeys, cacao ceremonies, chanting, live music, kids adventure playground, immersive psychedelic meditations, live artists, poetry, live performances, meditation, breathwork, tai chi, qi gong, fires, witchcraft, shamanic practices, eco education, tree connection, survival workshops, sacred ceremony, tribal wisdom, crafts, drumming, and more.

Free for kids, free camping & free parking, free passes for personal assistants and carers helping an attendee.

Super Duper Early Bird Tickets £123 SOLD OUT

Early Bird Tickets £155 SOLD OUT

Middle Bird Tickets (First release) £199 ALMOST SOLD OUT

Middle Bird Tickets (Second release) £222 COMING SOON

Late Bird Tickets £333

*Spread the cost with split payments now available when using PayPal at checkout*


Om & Bass was the UK’s first wellness and spiritual gathering festival and we are dedicated to our wider worldwide community. We stay in touch, we care and we listen. Check out our values and shizzle below. We are the world’s single most fun wellness festival, as well as the most ethical and green. Facts, bruv.

Commitment to fun: our foundations are steeped in love and fun. Laughter is one of our main forms of medicine which is entirely unique to our festival #laugheristhebestmedicine

Commitment to inclusion and diversity: 80% of the performers and facilitators are differently abled, over 60 years old, female, queer, non-binary, trans, people of colour, black, brown, neuro diverse LEGENDS.

Commitment to providing a safe & healthy space: It is sober, plant powered, single use plastic free, waste free event. This is entirely unique to our festival and has attracted the attention and support of Green Peace UK.

Commitment to ethical and charitable offering: We offer discounts to those who need them, on an individual basis. We offer free passes for carers / personal assistants who are attending with a differently abled person, so that they may have a total frickin blast at the event, without worrying about the extra cost. We raise funds for Yoga Stops Traffick who work to end human trafficking in India, the birth place of so many spiritual practices.

Commitment to no spiritual snobbery: zero judgement and maximum love no matter what your age, experience level, ability, gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background. We all deserve a slice of delicious health pie and to be #ZenAsF**K

We have worked with some of the most famous and well known wellness teachers in the world. For a reason. The extraordinary pillars of commitment to community, the earth, the health, and humanity are one step ahead of our time. We are extremely down to earth and full of genuine love and acceptance. We love you, just the way you are.

Check out the mini documentary below to get a feel of our vibe.

Our live artists & DJ’s are from all over the world. The music is high vibes and mega fun which includes afro beats, old skool rave, DnB, jungle, dance, trance, reggae, dub, hip-hop and world-music….we have live conscious rap artists and epic female DJs….it’s a banging line up of genuine heroes and sheroes. 

See The Om & Bass Experience 👇

*Glamping available at extra cost: Our glamping company offers extremely inclusive rates for glamping if you feel like ‘switching up’ your festival experience. Glamping offers seamless entry and exit to the event, zero lugging of STUFF and an awesome nights sleep. These are beautifully decorated belle tents, with memory foam mattresses, mirror, table, lamp, rugs, throws, cushions, fairy lights and shed loads of comfort. 

Book your single spot in a dorm shared Glamping Tent or your private Glamping Tent HERE

– 1-4 people: £305-£380 for the weekend (from £95 per person when shared)

– 5-6 people: £540 for the weekend (from £90 per person when shared)

– Dorm Tents: book a spot in a shared glamping tent for £100pp for the weekend to save on the hassle of setting up a tent and lugging your stuff around. Perfect for solo attendees 🙂

To book a glamping tent for the weekend click here.

Louise’s email is:

Accessible Glamping is here! BEHOLD: ACCESSIBELLE 🙂

Check out the short video of the accessible glamping here

Book an accessible glamping tent here

You are offered a free ticket for a personal assistant to help you enjoy your festival experience. The glamping tents with AccessiBelle are big enough for 5 people, but your friends and family are welcome to pitch up right next to your tent to ensure your festival vibe tribe stays connected throughout the fun of the weekend.

*Braziers Park Manor House Rooms are also available in this beautiful Manor House! The home of Ian Fleming who wrote James Bond, so this really is a treat. The rooms are comfortable and clean, with access to a dining space, lounge, library, plenty of shared bathrooms and loos, with lovely views and so much character. This is a gothic style house which is also home to the Braziers Park Community, who will be sharing the lounge and dining space. It is a character filled weekend stay and not a five star hotel experience. It is incredibly convenient for getting a good nights rest at the festival. The library still has the metal hooks in the ceiling where baby Ian Flemming used to bounce in his swing. Cute #007

Bookings in the house are for the whole weekend only and not per night.

Breakfast is included in the price 🙂

Rooms for the weekend from £250pp – £495pp depending on room sharing and occupancy.

To book a private room, email:

Sleep in our beautiful bespoke Festival Bus with SCARANGAR

Book your single or group beds HERE – price includes meals too 🙂

£300 per person, for the whole weekend with a delightful bus host whoo cooks the meals and takes care of you, plus lush chill out spaces & bus camp fire.

We hope to see you there, in all your glory. By attending Om & Bass you are not only taking care of yourself, you are also joining the family, connecting to nature, building a safe space to party with children, learning ethical and sustainable ways to live, raising money for charity and having a BANGING TIME.

Please note: we do not offer refunds or roll overs under any circumstances. We do allow re-sale of your tickets if your circumstances change.

Love, O&B x

  • Date : 13 September 2024 - 15 September 2024
  • Time : 8:00 am - 6:00 pm (Europe/London)
  • Reg. Deadline : 13 September 2024 6:00 pm
  • Venue : Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, UK

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Free Kids Pass for Ages 10 and Under
11-15 Year Old Weekend Passes
Live In Vehicle Pass
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Tween & Teen Saturday Day Pass (ages 11-15)
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